Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grazia Magazine

I picked up this newly-launched magazine today at the newsstand by the metro. The pages were big and glossy, I couldn't pass it up - and besides, I think the hour and a half I spent reading it counts as studying for french class, don't you? Pretty brave to launch a new magazine right now when there are already so many out there, and when so many have been cut (oh, domino, how I miss thee...). But I'm all for it! Love the large format and refreshing lack of ads between articles. Reading Grazia was also a great way to avoid dealing with the awkward no-eye-contact-rule on the metro, which I still don't understand. What is the point of pretending not to see the 20 other people who are standing within 5 feet of you, all of whom are pretending not to see you?

p.s. I just discovered that Grazia comes out weekly. That is kind of awesome. I forsee lots of homework procrastination in my future.

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