Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fashion Week Encounter

B and I were in the Tuileries garden two weekends ago when we stumbled upon a mass of fashion-y people with big expensive cameras all standing around waiting for something. My first guess was "hipster photographer convention?" but then I realized, oh, right, it's fashion week!

A few minutes later - total chaos as models and other important-looking types poured out of a big white tent nearby and the paparazzi scrambled to get their shots. And then we saw him. Weaving through the crowd, discretely snapping photos, impeccably dressed - it was none other than Scott Schuman, a.k.a The Sartorialist. Yes, ladies and gentleman, my first minor celebrity sighting in Paris! Now that I've seen him in action, my obsession with Scott's work has only increased - his images are incredible and he does it all without any kind of studio or lighting set-up.

Thanks to B for this photo of The Sartorialist with the equally stylish Garance Doré (and thanks for the shout-out, too!).
The best part - we saw them again less than half and hour later at Colette, completely by accident! We had no idea he was doing a book signing that day. The line was ridiculously long so we left, but B snagged me a signed copy last week at the Dublin book signing.

And finally some recent images from The Sartorialist blog, one from Paris and one from Dublin. And B, the redhead is for you. You're welcome.

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