Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Window Shopping

I love this time of year, but one thing I don't like is how it gets dark SO early now. I mean, really, 5 o'clock? The lack of daylight was really getting to me this weekend, so I decided to go somewhere with lots and lots of lights - the Galeries Lafayette and Printemps department stores.

The famous holiday window displays at both of these stores were incredible. The sidewalks were packed with people crowding around the windows, trying to get a good look. Actually the whole area was pretty packed - the two stores are literally a block away from each other, and they're right behind the Opera Garnier so it's basically a tourist heaven. But there were lots of families, too, with tons of little kids staring in awe at the dancing toys and gingerbread men.

The Galeries Lafayette theme was "gourmet holidays" so there were lots of food-related things that of course made me really hungry (i.e. towers of macaroons and really elaborate things made out of chocolate).

 These people don't spare any details - right down to the sprinkle-covered eyelashes and nails.

Printemps was definitely my favorite, though. They had kind of a Russian-doll/enchanted forest thing going on, with amazing designer clothes thrown in. I went a little crazy with taking pictures, but there was just so much cool stuff to see.

I liked these funny little dancing guys.

This one is my favorite - how amazing is that tapestry-covered horse?

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  1. Beautiful pictures - all of them.

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